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Control Members

Control Everything That The Members Can See and Can Do

Content Access

Control access to site contents in all the way you can think.

Multilevel Referral

Boost Up Your Sales With Multilevel Referral Add-on

Take full control over your site contents and users with style!

Control access to pages, posts, categories, custom post types, taxonomies, media, downloads and everything else in your site through easy to use control panel of WordPress Pro Membership Plugin. This plugin will empower you to define your very own terms to protect your content and control site access in every imaginable way.

Amazing Features

WordPress Pro Membership Plugin covers all features you will ever need,.
Some important feature highlights are here:

Unlimted Membership Levels

You can create unlimited numbers of Membership levels. Members are added as a WordPress User at the subscriber level in addition to their selected membership level during registration.

Post Access Control

WordPress Membership Plugin adds a simple meta box to “Edit Pages” screen allowing you to control access to each membership level offered. You can also control Post content via Category.

Forum Access Control

Addons to manage access control for bbPress forums. You can create private forums for different levels of members. This option will enable you to make part of the post ( For example the download link ) private.

Partial Content Access

Control users who should have access to content or who is forbidden to access your content. This option will enable you to make part of the post ( For example the download link ) private.

Custom Post Type Access

You can protect, enable, disable and set access for Custom Post Types within your site for different membership plans.

Taxonomy Access Control

You can provide access control to any category, even custom taxonomies by attach any category or custom taxonomy to a Membership Level.

Easy to Use Admin Panel

Easy to use admin panel to see all members, their status, levels, sales stats and other info in one easy to read location.

Multilevel Referring Promotion

Full featured MLM (Multilevel Marketing) system integrated. This option can increase your affiliate sales exponentially.

Detailed Sales Report

You can view your sales and revenue graph, membership statistics etc from your WordPress admin panel.

Autoresponder Integrations

Auto-responder integrations for MailChimp, with easy to use settings for both front-end and back-end.

Email Template Manager

Email Template Manager to easily customize all of your outgoing emails. 20+ integrated email templates and edit in place customizer.

Highly Extendable

Lots of filters and action hooks which will enable a developer to extend it in many ways as per his need though we already adding all possible add-ons.

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